Wednesday, October 4, 2017

Fraudulent Calls from

This is just to make all of you aware of what's happening in job portals in the name of a better job opportunity. When you're unemployed and desperately looking for a suitable job, you may fall for such frauds out there. Never! 

Here's one of my experiences with, which you may have faced already, or may face in future. I had received several phone calls from this job portal asking me to pay an amount for better services. Since I generally ignore such crap unless it gets on my nerves, I kept ignoring. Today one so-called Shine employee got a royal treat from me when I lost my temper and decided not to neglect it anymore.

This "gentleman" called me saying he's from and started asking me my previous job position, the reason for leaving the last job, what kinda offers I'm looking for, etc.. I got impatient and here's the rest..
I: Why do you need all this? What is this call regarding? 
He: This is regarding better job opportunities. 
I: Thanks a lot. I'm not interested. 
He: Why not? You don't need internal references? 
I: No, thanks. 
He: Why so, madam?
I: See, when you keep talking, you're wasting my time as well as yours. Please understand. 
He: But you have been searching for a job for a few months now.
I: That should be my concern, not yours.
He: I'm here to help you.
I: I know to help myself, thanks. I've read about such fraudulent calls from Shine, so don't waste your time.
He: How do you know whether I'm a fraud or a genuine employee? How can you say that?
I: Oh. I'm sorry. Now please.. (I can feel my blood boiling)
He: It's not just your time that's precious.
I: Yeah that's what I said too! (disconnected the call as he kept on talking)

So this is what a "genuine employee" of Shine does to you if you tell him you're not interested in paid services. I am now left with the regret if wasting my words and time on some fraud who wanted to prove that he's genuine. Please don't fall for such calls/SMS/mails from any official job portal. Thanks! :) 

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