Thursday, February 23, 2017

On Leaving A Place I called 'Home'...

Life takes turns when you least expect them, and at times, you are forced to listen to your head rather than your heart. Since May 2012, life was like a fairy tale. Yes, OneIndia made me believe in fairy tales again. :)

Today, I am about to leave this place that my heart recognises as 'home', for all the experiences it has given me, all the knowledge I've acquired from here, all the dreams that were woven here and all the minute details of what I am today. 

OneIndia's travel portal Native Planet was like oxygen to me. I still remember going to office with fever saying that I'll feel better once I'm in office. Well, that was no exaggeration! 😷 

As I can see that I'm soon leaving this family, let me do something for my NP team... There is nothing I can do better for NP than writing a few lines for the love it has showered upon me. So, here it goes...

You brought me smiles and laughter,
You made me weep in despair,
I fought for you when I saw you in danger,
I saw you grow with so much pride in me,
But they said you are lifeless.

I celebrated your victory with damp eyes,
You gave me moments to cherish a lifetime,
You inspired me to dream ahead,
You taught me to love my life,
But they said you are hopeless.

I spent sleepless nights thinking of you,
I rejoiced at each tiny phase of your growth,
I loved the way you loved me,
My life and happiness revolved around you,
But they said you are just a product.

You gave me wings to fly,
You gave soul to my life,
Even when I'm about to move out,
Leaving you feels so painful,
And they call you Native Planet.

Friday, November 25, 2016

Life from the eye of the Past!

I stand by the tree shade,
And watch you grow,
Watch how happy you are,
From when you were with me.

The days we had were bitter and hard,
You cursed me and tried to hide from me,
I could only see your tears,
And stay silent to all your sorrows.

Today you're here, strong and bold,
Weaving a dream that you've always seen,
Walking the trail of a dreamy path,
Leaping to goals, one after the other.

As I stand and watch you live,
I also see your Future far away,
He's waiting to hold you in his arms,
To embrace you, and to love you.

Go slow, yet keep going.
Walk to him like a dainty bride.
Let him see how beautiful you've grown.
From the one I knew to the one he holds!

Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Basic Email Etiquette Every Professional Should Follow

Being a professional, you are bound to deal with a lot of emails, both at the sending and receiving ends. The language of your email talks a lot about you. When you send an email, the receiver sees only the text, thus it should be handled well. Here are some basic email etiquette that every professional should follow, to avoid being misread or misinterpreted.

Have a Proper Subject Line

Some have a habit of sending an email as a continuation of an old email which is not related to the subject to be discussed. For instance, the subject line would be "Re: Work Status Report For The Day" and the email would be to discuss what is to be gifted for the boss's birthday coming up next week. Please open a new mail and have a proper subject line instead of using the thread of an old one. This will help you in future, when you need the particular mail to be searched and found.

Usage of "Reply All"

It surprises me that some professionals don't even know that something called "Reply All" exists. Well, let me take the privilege to educate you on this. "Reply All" is used when a mail is to be sent to more than one person. For eg. If A sends an email to B and C and if B wants to reply to both A and C, a hit on "Reply All" will send the email's reply to both A and C. Whereas, if A clicks on "Reply", the mail is sent only to A, and not to both A and C. Please make a not of this, if you tend to forget what's taught to you! ;)

Use a Professional Email Address

Thanks to the brands/companies that create email addresses for their employees. I've come across email IDs as weird as Please have a proper email ID, you're using it for serious purposes, let's be serious about how you address yourself too.

Use Apt Salutations

When you start an email, please use a Hi or Hello rather than a "Hey" or "Hi guys". This helps set a tone to the email and be taken seriously. There is a class of professionals who don't even believe in using salutations. God save them!

Use a Signature Block

Instead of typing out the signature at the end of every email or sending an email without signing off, have a signature set, so that you can save time on that each time an email is sent.

Use of Exclamation Marks, ALL CAPS and Emoticons

Use a minimum of or no exclamation marks, emoticons and other informal symbols in your official emails. Some have the habit of using ALL CAPS in either the subject line or in the main body of the email. Please be informed that ALL CAPS is generally interpreted as a shout. You may want to shout at your boss, but why let him/her know that?! ;)

Use of Humour

It is better to avoid humour in official emails, unless you are friendly with the recipient. The recipient may not get your tone or get to see your smile, hence don't risk yourself by bringing in a tone that is informal, when you're not sure how it will be read (or misread).

Have the Courtesy to Reply

When an email is sent to you along with other recipients, please ensure that you reply to the email, even if it wasn't meant for you or targeted at you. A reply to an email is as good as returning a smile.

Check for Errors Before Hitting 'Send'

It is better to proofread your emails before you send them across.

Don't Send to the Wrong Person

There would be two different persons with the same name in an organisation. Check for their email addresses and ensure you're sending it to the right recipient. I know of those who tell me that forwarding emails to the right person is one of their daily tasks.

Use a Formal Font

Comic Sans is one of my favourite fonts. That does not mean I use it for all my official emails. Similarly, select an appropriate formal font to convey your messages.

Remember That Nothing is a Secret!

When you type, beware of the fact that nothing is confidential on emails. Every word you type is documented. Use your words wisely, lest they hit you back!

My Connection with God!

We all have our own concepts and beliefs about God. Some even believe that there is no God, and all that happens is bound to have a scientific justification. I'm not against this belief, it's just that I stick to my belief, as I let you enjoy yours. :)

Atheists needn't read further, there is nothing much for you ahead...

Why do you pray? Why visit a temple, mosque or church? Here's the answer I tell myself and those who ask me. I pray to thank for what I have today, for all the happiness I live with. I visit temples only on rare occasions, just to keep others around me happy.

To me, God is not just confined to temples or any other physical structure. If God is in temples alone, how can Lord Krishna be in hundreds of temples at the same time? If he is that powerful, won't he be in my room too? Then why temples? There lies my justification.

If at all I visit a temple, I don't carry money with me. Going to a temple and showering Him with money and jewels will do no good to you. Feed a poor person instead, that person's prayers are enough for you.

Seeing is believing, yet I believe in a power that I cannot see. This is because I feel, hence I perceive.

After reading this, you may have a lot to tell me and prove that my thoughts and beliefs are wrong. I repeat: I respect your beliefs. Let me live with mine.

Thanks a lot for taking your time to read this. Have a wonderful day ahead! 

You never noticed me till it was too late!

You saw me everyday, never cared to bother
I slept by the road side, as none gave me shelter
I lived on what I found, though they were worse than food
You never noticed me.

Kids threw stones at me as you walked with your li'l one,
I cried and ran to hide from being hit,
No one came to rescue, they all were in their race,
You never noticed me.

Years passed as I too had a baby,
I protected him from the paws of human beasts,
I lived with him on the same street that you cross daily,
You never noticed me.

One day your child threw stones at my young one,
I was watching from a distance,
You kept watching, and did nothing to stop it,
You never noticed me.

Your fellow beings keep harming him,
They killed my baby, and I had to watch helpless,
You, your race, your name itself harms us,
I was once man's best friend, you still failed to notice me.

Today when your child got hurt, 
When you could do nothing to stop it from happening,
And when you found that it was one among us,
You finally noticed me, and all of us!

A Morning Walk in the Rain!

Since the past three days it's been raining in Bangalore, making one lazy to even crawl out from the bed in the morning. Thankfully, it was a holiday yesterday and I mentally thanked the management for a day off as I was feeling so lazy to do anything.

Waking up in the morning today and reaching office on time was a challenge. It was drizzling (it still is!) and I only felt like wrapping myself up and staying in bed. Suddenly the thought of a morning walk hit me. How good it would be to walk in the rain, feeling those li'l droplets on your face?! That thought somehow gave me the energy to get ready for office. :)

As I had promised myself, I walked in the rain, smiling as the weather smiled at me, listening to some of my favourite songs loud enough to not hear anything around me. It was bliss, I felt fresh and happy to be out walking when every face I saw was frowning at their bad luck of not carrying an umbrella. Here I was, not taking the umbrella out and enjoying the weather.

I know I may fall sick, but the pleasure I got from my morning walk would be much higher than the pain I would get if I fall ill. I suggest you should try it at least once, it really feels good to stay close to nature! You may call me crazy, but what's the fun in being normal and sober and hating life, why not enjoy it and stay happy? Isn't that a better choice?!

Strange Behaviour in the Corporate World!

Just two years in this so called corporate world, and I have something to share with you all. Whatever I write is from my experience and observation, so you may find them weird and strange too.

There are some people who behave strange at workplace. Let me share with you some of the common kinds of weirdness I’ve noticed.

  1. Thorn in the Seat
Some of them just can’t sit at their seats. They behave as if there is a thorn in their seats that pricks the moment they are seated. I’ve felt like giving them a better chair to make them comfortable at their seats. It’s real hard when something pricks you there, isn’t it! :P

  1. A Microphone in the Throat
Have you ever met people who’ve swallowed mics? Yes, I have. They talk to the phone as if they are addressing the whole floor! Hey, whether your brother went to Sharjah via Dubai or whether you are talking to your neighbour about the dress you wore for the party last night, the other employees have nothing to do with it. Let them, work!

  1. Phonomania
There are some people who just can’t keep their phones down. They also make sure that the stories that they talk to the phone are heard by all! Strange.

  1. "Give me a bed, please."
Your desk is to keep your belongings and not to sleep, I hope you agree to this. How odd is it when someone comes, moves aside whatever he finds on the desk n lies on the desk asking you “Hey how is the performance of the website today? Just check na… ” Phew..!

  1. "What is the discussion about?"
When two people are found talking, some of our colleagues just can’t stand it. They would come in between to know what the talk is all about, whether they have anything to do with it or not! I thought only women are into gossiping and all, I was wrong. :-o

These are top strange behavioural patterns I’ve come across, I’m sure there are lot more than come to your mind. Please feel free to help me make this a complete list, it’ll also help me in the long run. :D