Thursday, February 23, 2017

On Leaving A Place I called 'Home'...

Life takes turns when you least expect them, and at times, you are forced to listen to your head rather than your heart. Since May 2012, life was like a fairy tale. Yes, OneIndia made me believe in fairy tales again. :)

Today, I am about to leave this place that my heart recognises as 'home', for all the experiences it has given me, all the knowledge I've acquired from here, all the dreams that were woven here and all the minute details of what I am today. 

OneIndia's travel portal Native Planet was like oxygen to me. I still remember going to office with fever saying that I'll feel better once I'm in office. Well, that was no exaggeration! 😷 

As I can see that I'm soon leaving this family, let me do something for my NP team... There is nothing I can do better for NP than writing a few lines for the love it has showered upon me. So, here it goes...

You brought me smiles and laughter,
You made me weep in despair,
I fought for you when I saw you in danger,
I saw you grow with so much pride in me,
But they said you are lifeless.

I celebrated your victory with damp eyes,
You gave me moments to cherish a lifetime,
You inspired me to dream ahead,
You taught me to love my life,
But they said you are hopeless.

I spent sleepless nights thinking of you,
I rejoiced at each tiny phase of your growth,
I loved the way you loved me,
My life and happiness revolved around you,
But they said you are just a product.

You gave me wings to fly,
You gave soul to my life,
Even when I'm about to move out,
Leaving you feels so painful,
And they call you Native Planet.


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